• Is there cable television and phone service available?

        Cable TV is included with the room.  Telephone service   

        can be arranged with the local phone company.

  • What if I need a special diet?

         We offer regular diet, regular with limited concentrated 

         sweets, and regular with no added salt.

"Our Family Serving Your Family"  
For additional information, please call (620) 331-1662
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Eagle Estates

Assisted Living Facility

1354 Taylor Road

Independence, KS   67301

(620) 331-1662

  • How will we know when it's time to move ourselves or our loved one into an assisted living residence?

          The decision to move into an assisted living residence can be difficult.  Our staff will help you in any way we can to help

         make that decision process a little easier.

  • Do you have to buy your room at Eagle Estates?

          Although residents rent their rooms at Eagle Estates, there is no long-term contract to be signed.  Monthly rental includes

         twenty-four hour staffing, three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry service, cable television, and utilities.

  • When was Eagle Estates established?

           Eagle Estates was built in 1992 and has been owned and operated by the same family since that time.

  • Do residents take care of their own medications?

         Eagle Estates offers excellent medication management and recommends our staff manage all medications.

  • Does Eagle Estates rent rooms for short-term stay?

         Subject to available space Eagle Estates rooms may be rented for as little as one week.  The charge includes three meals a day

         and all the amenities and benefits of Eagle Estates.

  • How secure is Eagle Estates?

         Eagle Estates has a state-of-the-art video security system and fire alarm system.  Each room is also equipped with an

         automatic fire sprinkler and nurse call system.

  • May I eat in my room?

         Meals are served in the dining room and residents are encouraged to join other residents there.  If that is not possible due to

         illness, tray service is available at no charge.

  • Is there transportation available to take me to appointments and shopping?

         Eagle Estates has vehicles to provide local transportation.  A car or van can transport residents to physician appointments

         and personal trip requests when family members are not available. Periodic excursions are also enjoyed by the residents.

  • May I bring my own vehicle?

         Eagle Estates has ample parking for residents and guests.

  • Does Eagle Estates offer an exercise program?

         Eagle Estates offers a variety of activities including an exercise program, bingo, craft projects, on-site church services, and

         other activities.

  • What staff is available to me?

         Eagle Estates has Certified Medication Aides and Certified Nurse Aides on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

         Full-time and part-time Registered Nurses are also employed and on call at all times. 

  • Are the rooms furnished?


         Eagle Estates is home to our residents who furnish their rooms with their own personal furniture.  Family pictures and other

         d├ęcor may be used to personalize the room.  Assistance from our maintenance staff can be available when you are ready to 

         move in.

  • Do you offer tours of Eagle Estates?

         We gladly offer tours to anyone who would like to see Eagle Estates, including family members and those just beginning their

         residence planning process.  Please call ahead for an appointment at (620) 331-1662.

  • I don't have a physician in the Independence area.  Can you help me find a local physician?

         The Eagle Estates staff would be happy to arrange for you to see one of the many local physicians.